Vanderbilt University Medical Center Radiation Therapist - Radiation Oncology - Full Time in Nashville, Tennessee


  1. Title: Radiation Therapist

  2. Job Code: 5670

  3. Job Stream Description: Professional

  4. Title: Radiation Therapist

  5. Job Code: 5670

  6. Job Stream Description: Professional

Vanderbilt-IngramCancer Center

  • One of 47 National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designatedComprehensive Cancer Centers, and the only one in Tennessee that conductsresearch and cares for adults and children with cancer.

  • Member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network(NCCN), a non-profit alliance of 27 of the world's leading cancer centerswho have come together to improve care for cancer patients everywhere.

  • Ranked #1 Cancer Center in Tennessee and 33rd in thenation, by U.S. News & World Report.

  • Nearly 300 researchers and physician-scientists ineight research programs.

  • A comprehensive team of more than 100 physicians withthe depth and breadth of experience to design a treatment plan customizedto every patient.

  • In addition to the Henry Joyce Clinic at The VanderbiltClinic, convenient community locations are located at One Hundred Oaks,Cool Springs, Franklin, Spring Hill, Springfield and Clarksville – withadditional locations coming soon.

  • A wide spectrum of services support patients individualneeds from diagnosis through survivorship, including education,prevention, screening, diagnosis, wellness services, hereditary cancerconsultation, treatment, palliative care and survivorship.

  • Enhancing cancer care in the region through affiliaterelationships with Baptist Memorial Health Care, Maury Regional MedicalCenter, NorthCrest Medical Center, and Williamson Medical Center.

  • Currently we are 7th in competitively awarded NCI grantfunding with over \$65 million; a total research base of over \$155 millionin research funding from public and private sources.

  • Privileged to serve more than 6,252 new cancer patientsand deliver care for more than 151,000 outpatient visits each year.

  • At the forefront of promising new therapies, withaccess to over 150 clinical trials at any given time.

  • Nationwide leaders in cancer survivorship, with one ofthe only centers in the country with a comprehensive program for cancersurvivors regardless of age, type of cancer or where they received theironcology treatment.

  • Developed , an award-winning online resource for geneticallyinformed cancer information, which has received visitors from over 200countries/territories.


Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Department of Radiation Oncology is dedicated to delivering world class personalized care to our patients. We are nationally recognized as one of 27 NCCN Cancer Centers and one of 49 NCI- designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers. Our physicians are nationally recognized experts in your specific type of cancer and utilize state of the art equipment to deliver the most precise treatments possible. You will be working with medical physicists, radiation therapists, physicians, assistants, nurses, and radiation oncologists to help ensure that our patient receive the highest level of care.


The radiation therapist is an integral part of the radiation oncology treatment team. This person is responsible for the accurate delivery of therapeutic radiation treatments to patients and simulations for patient treatments under the direction of a radiation oncologist. The therapist must have a thorough understanding of the rationale for radiation therapy as well as skills in patient assessment and interpersonal communication.


  • Administers daily radiation therapy treatments to patients assigned to the treatment unit, accurately and efficiently, at a speed consistent with patient scheduling for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients.

  • Maintains records of daily treatment and other records as required.

  • Participates in orientation and training of all new radiation therapists to include treatment unit-specific procedures and protocols, on call-procedures, simulation procedures and protocols and provides feedback in a timely manner to clinic director.

  • Performs computed tomography (CT) simulation procedures and clinical simulations according to established department protocols.

  • The responsibilities listed are a general overview of the position and additional duties may be assigned.


RADIATION THERAPY (NOVICE): - Possesses sufficient fundamental proficiency to administers daily radiation therapy treatments to patients assigned to the treatment unit, accurately and efficiently, at a speed consistent with patient scheduling for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients.

PATIENT DOCUMENTATION - (NOVICE): - Possesses sufficient fundamental proficiency to successfully demonstrate patient documentation in practical applications of moderate difficulty. Generally works under the direction of others while accomplishing assignments.

COMPUTERIZED TOMOGRAPHY TECHNOLOGY (NOVICE): - Possesses sufficient fundamental proficiency to successfully demonstrate computerized tomography technology in practical applications of moderate difficulty. Generally works under the direction of others while accomplishing assignments.

TRAINING (NOVICE): - Has presented course modules as part of a program. Effectively prepared by demonstrating knowledge in course content, structure and objectives, as well as audience characteristics. Demonstrated audience sensitivity and awareness. Responded professionally to content questions.


  • Organizational Impact: Executes job responsibilities with the understanding of how output would affect and impact other areas related to own job area/team with occasional guidance.

  • Problem Solving/ Complexity of work: Analyzes moderately complex problems using technical experience and judgment.

  • Breadth of Knowledge: Has expanded knowledge gained through experience within a professional area.

  • Team Interaction: Provides informal guidance and support to team members.



    • Develops Self and Others: Invests time, energy and enthusiasm in developing self/others to help improve performance and gain knowledge in new areas.
    • Builds and Maintains Relationships: Maintains regular contact with key colleagues and stakeholders using formal and informal opportunities to expand and strengthen relationships.
    • Communicates Effectively: Recognizes group interactions and modifies one's own communication style to suit different situations and audiences.


    • Serves Others with Compassion: Seeks to understand current and future needs of relevant stakeholders and customizes services to better address them.
    • Solves Complex Problems: Approaches problems from different angles; Identifies new possibilities to interpret opportunities and develop concrete solutions.
    • Offers Meaningful Advice and Support: Provides ongoing support and coaching in a constructive manner to increase employees' effectiveness.


    • Performs Excellent Work: Engages regularly in formal and informal dialogue about quality; directly addresses quality issues promptly.
    • Ensures Continuous Improvement: Applies various learning experiences by looking beyond symptoms to uncover underlying causes of problems and identifies ways to resolve them.
    • Fulfills Safety and Regulatory Requirements: Understands all aspects of providing a safe environment and performs routine safety checks to prevent safety hazards from occurring.


    • Demonstrates Accountability: Demonstrates a sense of ownership, focusing on and driving critical issues to closure.
    • Stewards Organizational Resources: Applies understanding of the departmental work to effectively manage resources for a department/area.
    • Makes Data Driven Decisions: Demonstrates strong understanding of the information or data to identify and elevate opportunities.


    • Generates New Ideas: Proactively identifies new ideas/opportunities from multiple sources or methods to improve processes beyond conventional approaches.
    • Applies Technology: Demonstrates an enthusiasm for learning new technologies, tools, and procedures to address short-term challenges.
    • Adapts to Change: Views difficult situations and/or problems as opportunities for improvement; actively embraces change instead of emphasizing negative elements.

VUMC Recent Accomplishments

Because we are committed to providing the best in patient care, education and research, we are proud of our recent accomplishments:

  • US News & World Report: #1 Hospital in Tennessee, #1 Health Care Providerin Nashville, #1 Audiology ( Bill Wilkerson Center at ), 9 adult and 9 pediatric clinical specialties rankedamong the nation's best, #15 Education and Training

  • Truven Health Analytics: among the top 100 hospitals in the US

  • Becker's Hospital Review: one of the "100 Greatest Hospitals inAmerica"

  • The Leapfrog Group: grade"A" in Hospital Safety Score

  • National Institutes of Health: among the top 10 grant awardees for medicalresearch in the US

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science: 12 faculty members elected fellows in 2014

  • Magnet Recognition Program: Vanderbilt nurses are the only group honored inTennessee

  • Nashville Business Journal: Middle Tennessee's healthiest employer

  • American Hospital Association: among the 100 "Most Wired" medical systems inthe US

Graduate of an approved discipline specific program (or equivalent experience) and < 1 year relevant industry

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

  • American Registry of Radiologic Technologists Required

Additional Qualification Information:

  • Radiation Therapy (T) designation.

Physical Requirements/Strengths needed & Physical Demands:

  • Medium Work category requiring exertion up to 50lbs of force occasionally and/or up to 20 of force frequently and/or up to 10 of force continually to move objects.


  • Occasional: Sitting: Remaining in seated position

  • Occasional: Lifting under 35 lbs: Raising and lowering objects under 35 lbs from one level to another

  • Occasional: Lifting over 35 lbs: Raising and lowering objects from one level to another, includes upward pulling over 35 lbs, with help of coworkers or assistive device

  • Occasional: Carrying under 35 lbs: Transporting an object holding in hands, arms or shoulders, with help of coworkers or assistive device.

  • Occasional: Bending/Stooping: Trunk bending downward and forward by bending spine at waist requiring full use of lower extremities and back muscles

  • Occasional: Balancing: Maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling when walking, standing, crouching or maneuvering self, patient and equipment simultaneously while working in large and small spaces

  • Occasional: Climbing: Ascending or descending stairs/ramps using feet and legs and/or hands and arms.

  • Occasional: Kneeling:Bending legs at knees to come to rest on knee or knees.

  • Occasional: Crouching/Squatting: Bending body downward and forward by bending legs and spine.Reaching above shoulders: Extending arms in any direction above shoulders.

  • Occasional: Reaching above shoulders: Extending arms in any direction above shoulders.

  • Occasional: Handling: Seizing, holding, grasping, turning or otherwise working with hand or hands.

  • Occasional: Bimanual Dexterity: Requiring the use of both hands.

  • Frequent: Standing: Remaining on one's feet without moving.

  • Frequent: Walking: Moving about on foot.

  • Frequent: Push/Pull: Exerting force to move objects away from or toward.

  • Frequent: Reaching below shoulders: Extending arms in any direction below shoulders.

  • Frequent: Fingering: Picking, pinching, gripping, working primarily with fingers requiring fine manipulation.


  • Continuous: Communication: Expressing or exchanging written/verbal/electronic information.

  • Continuous: Auditory: Perceiving the variances of sounds, tones and pitches and able to focus on single source of auditory information

  • Continuous: Vision: Clarity of near vision at 20 inches or less and far vision at 20 feet or more with depth perception, peripheral vision, color vision.

  • Continuous: Smell: Ability to detect and identify odors.

Environmental Conditions

  • Occasional: Chemicals and Gasses: Medications, cleaning chemicals, oxygen, other medical gases used in work area.

  • Frequent: Pathogens: Risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other contagious illnesses.

  • Frequent: Radiation: May be exposed to occupational radiation, requiring enrollment in VUMC's Radiation Safety Program which includes training, use of personal protective equipment with lead shielding, and personal dose monitoring.

Job Radiology/Imaging/Ultrasound

Organization: Radiation Oncology/Therapists 201529

Title: Radiation Therapist - Radiation Oncology - Full Time

Location: TN-Nashville-Preston Cancer Research Building

Requisition ID: 1810593

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